Your Perfect Hawaii Vacation

Let someone with close to 40 years of local knowledge help you plan your Perfect Hawaii vacation.

Hawaii is truly an amazing is one of those places that offers so much that words truly cannot do it justice...

I am biased because I am from there but I am sure you will soon share my love for these islands...


I know firsthand that planning a Hawaii vacation can be a major task. It may seem complicated and even overwhelming at times. There is so much information out there and much of it is conflicting, biased, or simply incorrect.

I created this site to simplify the whole process.

Why me?

  • I grew up in Hawaii where our family business was a tour company. My first job was being a tour I know all the ins and outs.
  • I now live in Minnesota so I have the unique perspective of being a visitor as well as a local.
  • I have alot of experience showing many family members and friends around. I've done quite a bit of Hawaii vacation planning for myself and others.
  • I go home (I will always call Hawaii home) many times a year to keep up to date on everything and have a very large network of friends that are my eyes and ears for any new developments in the islands.
  • So...I will only recommend places where I know they will take care of you.
  • Most importantly, I am very proud of where I am from, and it gives me great pleasure to share this island paradise with others. Hawaii vacation planning is one of my passions.

Please allow me to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Mark Hatano. Here is a picture of me and my wife, Jana, and our three beautiful boys.

This site will:

  • Help you sort through the barage of tourist sales pitches and tell you...
  • What you must see & do and what's overrated.
  • Show you the best places to stay.
  • Show you the best places to eat.
  • Show you the best beaches Hawaii has to offer.
  • Show you what locals do and where they go to help make your visit more authentic.
  • Make your Hawaii vacation planning enjoyable and fun.

I will also show you how a good travel agent will customize your vacation to fit you...saving you time and money...and giving you the best value for your hard earned vacation money.

If you are still wondering if Hawaii is for you, please consider this...

My wife and I were flight attendants for a major airline for eleven years until she quit in 2006 (and took over the real job of staying home with three boys). During those eleven years, our careers took us to many different countries.

Yes, there are many interesting and beautiful places in the world, but Hawaii is very special and unique. It has the whole package. There is truly something for everyone here.

Read on and let me prove it to you...

Imagine a place where the climate is ideal...Right around 80 degrees Farenheit with a nice breeze that serves as a natural air conditioner...

Imagine being surrounded by breathtaking mountains that have been carved and chiseled by the elements for centuries...

Imagine these mountains reaching down into miles and miles of deep blue ocean water...

Imagine all this within an arm's reach of world-class dining and shopping...

You have just envisioned Hawaii.

Enjoy the short video below to get a better "taste" of Hawaii...

As you can see, the scenery here is indescribable. From mountains that reach toward heaven to white sand beaches, you will witness the whole spectrum. The islands' beauty has inspired film makers to use various locations to shoot such films as Six Days Seven Nights, Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and The Big Bounce.

The variety and quality of food you can get here is unmatched anywhere in the world. Where else can you get authentic cuisine from such places as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, and the U.S. all within miles of each other for your choosing? And let's not forget the unbelievable local cuisine! Believe me, there will be no shortage of places to eat!

Aside from beautiful scenery, great weather and food, what ultimately separates nice places from fabulous places is the people...The people here are the most giving and loving people I know. It's a way of life known as Hawaiian Style, and it is how we are brought up. The prevalent "me-ism" that you see everywhere is not the norm here. This giving attitude is what has earned this state its nickname, "The Aloha State".

Aloha means many things such as "Hello", "Goodbye", "Take Care", and "I Love You". The Aloha Spirit is the attitude of "We are all family here", and this spirit is what makes this place truly special.

Are you convinced yet? Are you as excited about going to Hawaii as I am to show you its true beauty? Great!

Allow me to be your personal Hawaii vacation planner.

Shall we get to the really fun part of your Hawaii vacation planning?

Let's get started!

Click here to listen to some Hawaiian music while you browse this website.

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