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Maui hotels

Do you need help finding your Hawaii accommodation? Hawaii has a vast array of accommodations for everyone. They include world-class luxury resorts, budget hotels, condos, vacation homes, and bed & breakfasts. Let me help you find the perfect place to stay in Hawaii.

If you do need airfare as well, remember that you can get a better deal if you combine air, room, and car for some sort of Hawaiian vacation package. If you would like a quote on a package, please contact me.

Sidebar--One thing Hawaii does not have is the "all-inclusive" resort like Mexico or parts of the Caribbean. The closest thing to that in Hawaii would be taking a Hawaiian cruise.

  • Hawaii Hotels (Hawaii resort and Hawaii budget hotels)

It is very important to book hotels through someone that knows what they’re talking about.

Let me explain…A friend of mine went to Kauai in March of 2006. He stayed at the Kauai Beach Hotel & Resort (which is now the Hilton Kauai Beach Resort) in Lihue.

The hotel desk staff asked him how he chose to stay there. He told them he had a friend who grew up in Hawaii. They went on to tell him that they get many people who are disappointed with their accommodations in Princeville on the north side of the island.

Don't get me wrong...Princeville is very beautiful and they have great lodging there, BUT…Many travel agents who book their clients in Princeville have never stayed OR been there and do not realize it rains a lot up there this time of year.

Bottom line? Don’t follow a recommendation for your Hawaii accommodation from someone who has never even been or stayed there. That’s what you have me for…:-) Go through my hotel pages under each island before choosing a hotel or feel free to contact me.

Waikiki hotels

If you need help choosing or booking your Hawaii hotel, contact a Hawaii travel agent that knows firsthand the best places to stay...me!

  • Hawaii Condo & Hawaii Condo Rental
  • Hawaii condo rental

    I offer the same advice for booking a Hawaii condo as I do for a Hawaii hotel…go through someone that knows what they’re talking about.

    Go through my condo pages under each island before choosing a condo or feel free to contact me.

    To get the best rates on a Hawaii condo, contact a Hawaiian Vacation Specialist...me!

  • Hawaii Vacation Home
  • Hawaii vacation home

    If you have a group of people that don't mind staying in the same house and are staying for at least a week, a Hawaii Vacation Home may be your best bet.

    This Hawaii accommodation is usually a very economical option for bigger parties and there are some very nice vacation homes in Hawaii.

    In fact, many people (including myself), would consider some of these homes...their dream home.

    The company I use offers the best rates on the largest selection of quality Hawaii vacation rentals I have seen.

  • Hawaii Bed & Breakfast
  • Hawaii Bed & Breakfast

    If you are looking for a Hawaii bed and breakfast, I strongly recommend you go through someone who specializes in that type of Hawaii accommodation. Bed & Breakfasts in Hawaii are different than those on the mainland United States.

    I know someone who does specialize in B&Bs in Hawaii. I worked with her for many years at the Swiss Inn restaurant on Oahu. I know she will take care of you and I know you can trust her. She has been doing this for 20 years and has personally stayed at most of the properties she recommends.

    So if you are interested in a Hawaii Bed & Breakfast (they do vacation homes and apartments as well), check out BeBack Hawaii and talk to Brigitte.

    Note: Brigitte’s business keep her and her husband very busy so please contact them with serious inquiries only. That allows her and I to continually offer the best services we possibly can.

    I hope you have found my Hawaii Accommodation Page useful.

    If you need a flight to Hawaii as well, remember it is cheaper to combine air, room, and car in some sort of Hawaii vacation package. Please contact me if you would like a quote on any type of accommodation or package.

    Click here to get information on Hawaii airfare.

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