Hawaii Condo Rentals -- Why They Can Be Confusing

Hawaii condo rentals (villas, cottages, and vacation rentals) can be confusing. One property can have different ways of renting to the public. They may rent and manage it themselves, or they may let a management company take care of this for them.

Where it gets complicated is when there is a combination of management methods. For example, there are condo properites in Hawaii where some buildings are managed by one company and other buildings are managed by another company. And some units are managed by the individual owners.

Comparing apples to apples becomes very difficult because of:

  • Price differences
  • Amenities (or lack of) such as cleaning fees, internet access, and parking fees among others
  • Combining accommodations with air/car for some sort of package deal

Some examples of these properties are:

  • The Waikiki Shore on Oahu (one building is managed by Castle Resorts and another building is managed by Outrigger)
  • The Palms at Wailea on Maui (managed by ResortQuest and Outrigger)
  • Kamaole Sands on Maui (managed by ResortQuest and Castle Resorts)

There are many other properties throughout Hawaii like this. So how do you get the best deal?

If you only need a room, it's usually cheapest if you deal with the owners directly. However, if you are not happy with the room, there is no way to change rooms when renting directly from the owner.

We usually purchase air/room/car in some sort of inter-island package deal. If you are looking for some sort of package deal, it is best to deal with a knowledgeable travel agent to help you sort through the differences between Hawaii condo rentals.