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Hawaii vacation planning is so much fun...but there is a lot of information! I've tried to make the whole process easy, but...I know...it can still be a little confusing.

For example,

  • There is Waimea Canyon and Waimea Bay...which one is on Kauai and which one is on Oahu? Too easy?
  • Okay...Honaunau Bay and Hanauma Bay...which one is on the Big Island and which one is on Oahu? Hmmm...you're good!
  • Alright...Boot's & Kimo's and Kimo's...which restaurant is on Oahu and which one is on Maui?

If you answered all of those correctly, I'm impressed! But you get the point right?

Hanauma Bay on Oahu Hawaii

Please use this Hawaii SiteSearch page to find any snippit of information within my website...or thanks to Google, you can search the web also. Just click on the appropriate button within the search box below.

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