Maui Beaches -- Ho'okipa Beach

Hookipa Beach is one of the best Maui beaches for windsurfing. It is located on the North Shore near Haiku.

In the summer months, Ho'okipa is pretty mellow, with picnic tables, BBQs, and even a little pool protected from the surf for the kids.

In the winter months, large surf pounds this whole area...Combine this with the prevalent tradewinds and you may witness some incredible windsurfing. Ho'okipa is home to major windsurfing competitions and the man who put windsurfing on the map...Robby Naish. There are also some other sports like kite-surfing that have become popular.

Ho'okipa is a very popular spot for surfers and windsurfers...and having the two groups sharing the same waves can be dangerous. Windsurfers go so fast and when they are jumping waves, it's hard to see surfers and others until it's too late (like on the way down).

For that reason, there is what they call the "Ten Man Rule", where if there are 10 surfers out in the lineup, windsurfers can't go. Hey, we need something like that at Diamond Head on Oahu...There is rarely any problems with the rule because surfers don't like it when it is too windy.

There is also an "11:00 a.m. Rule" on the North Shore, where no windsurfing is allowed before 11:00 a.m. This rule is for the fisherman, swimmers, and divers to enjoy the North Shore too...Great rule because the wind doesn't come up in Hawaii until that time anyway. The exception to this rule is beginner lessons at Kanaha Beach Park.


  • No lifeguards
  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
  • Picnic area
  • BBQs

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