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This is one of the best Maui Restaurants to go for a local style plate lunch. Da Kitchen has two locations: one in Kihei at the Rainbow Mall (pictured) and one in Kahului.

Rainbow Mall in Kihei on Maui Hawaii

It is a nice informal place to go for a cheap breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is no table service...just order your food and grab a seat.

I like to try different things when I'm there...The Mahi Mahi tempura (battered Japanese style) with Maui style tartar sauce is always a winner. The last time I was there, I tried the Big Braddah Combo (braddah is the local way of saying brother, BUT only locals should say it that way) with Katsu and Kalua Pork (pictured below).

Katsu is chicken breaded in Japanese style panko and served with Japanese BBQ sauce. Kalua pork is shredded pork that is a staple at any luau.

Da Kitchen Plate Lunch

Besides their great plate lunches, they serve sandwiches, salads, and breakfast.

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