Maui Golf Courses

Maui Golf Courses are some of the best and most scenic in all of Hawaii. For me, it is very distracting to watch perfect waves peeling down the line at Honolua Bay when playing the Plantation Course at Kapalua...Do I want to golf a beautiful golf course or surf perfect waves? Or how are you supposed to putt when humpback whales are jumping in the background?

Apparently, PGA Tour players can do it because Kapalua Golf Course is home to the Mercedes Benz Championship which kicks off the season...or maybe they just wanted an excuse to be on Maui in January...

Can you blame them? Who wouldn't want to be on a Maui golf vacation?...Teeing off next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean in 80 degree weather?...Especially if the greens at home are under 2 feet of snow.

Sidebar--Maui golf courses have several different rates. There are:

  • Hawaii resident (kamaaina) rates
  • Non-resident rates which are sometimes further designated by U.S. and non-U.S. citizen rates.

Resident rates are about 50%-70% less than non-resident rates...and non-U.S. citizens will pay more than U.S. residents.

Why?...Mainly because of the large number of visitors from Japan. Golfing in Japan is very expensive (over $400) paying $175 in Hawaii seems like a bargain.

Maybe someday this will change, but it's always been like that for as long as I can remember.

TIP--If you are planning on golfing a few times in Hawaii, I recommend looking into the Golf Hawaii Card. Not every course on Maui participates in the program so be sure to check out the details first.

It is a great deal...the cost of the card is usually recovered after the first round of golf. In fact, it was named by GOLF Magazine as one of the five best golf value cards in the nation! Their website is

Kaanapali Golf Resort

The Ka'anapali Golf Resort is made up of two Maui golf courses...

  • The North Course (renamed Royal Ka'anapali in 2007)
  • The South Course (renamed Ka'anapali Kai in 2007)

  • Designers--Royal Ka'anapali Course: Robert Trent Jones, Sr., Ka'anapali Kai Course: Renovated by Robin Nelson
  • Cost--Royal Ka'anapali Course: $225 or $180 for Ka'anapali resort guests. Ka'anapali Kai Course: $185 or $140 for Ka'anapali resort guests.
  • Phone--(866) 454-GOLF or (808) 661-3691


Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine rates Kapalua Hawaii's #1 "Best Golf Resort". Kapalua Resort boasts two Maui golf courses:

  • The Plantation Course (pictured below) is the home of the annual PGA Tour Mercedes-Benz Championship. This may be the toughest Maui golf course of them all.

  • The Bay Course (pictured below) is very popular because of its beautiful ocean views.

    July 2007 Update--The Bay Course will host the Kapalua LPGA Classic in October of 2008.

  • Designers--Arnold Palmer and Francis Duane
  • Cost--Plantation Course: $295 or $200 for Kapalua resort guests. Bay Course: $215 or $175 for Kapalua resort guests.
  • Phone--(877) KAPALUA or (808) 669-8044


The Makena Golf Course is located in the Makena Resort area...where the Maui Prince Hotel is. Makena has been called "Top 100 Golf Resorts" by The Golfer and "Top 100 Women Friendly Courses" by Golf for Women. Golf Magazine has given it a "Silver Medal Award Best Golf Resort" and Golf Digest calls it "Places to Play (4 Stars) and Top 10 in Hawaii".

Makena is comprised of two excellent Maui golf courses:

  • The North Course (pictured below)--Opened in 1993 and designed to feel more like a nature walk than a golf course.

  • The South Course (pitured below)--Features two oceanfront holes perfect for spotting whales during whale season.

  • Designer--Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
  • Cost--$170 or $120 for Makena resort guests
  • Phone--(808) 891-4000

Wailea Golf Club

Wailea Golf club is located in the Wailea Resort Area and consists of three Maui golf courses:

  • Wailea Old Blue Course (pictured below)--The Blue Course is known to be the easiest of the three Wailea courses.

  • Wailea Emerald Course (pictured below)--The Emerald Course is one of Golf for Women Magazine's "Top Fairways Award" winners for most women-friendly golf courses.

  • Wailea Gold Course--The most challenging of the three courses and home to the Champions Skins Game.

  • Designers--Blue Course: Jack Snyder, Emerald and Gold Courses: Robert Trent Jones
  • Cost--Blue Course: $165 or $155 for Wailea resort guests. Emerald and Gold Courses: $190 or $180 for Wailea resort guests.
  • Phone--(866) 328-MAUI or (808) 875-7450

If you are interested in Maui Golf Vacations or Maui Golf Packages, contact a travel agent who knows Hawaii and knows the golf courses...ME!

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