North Shore Oahu Beaches | Haleiwa Beach

Haleiwa Beach Park aka known as Alii Beach Park or Haleiwa Alii Beach Park was one of the Oahu beaches used extensively for filming the television series Baywatch will surely recognize the community center building when you pull into the parking lot.

What Haleiwa is better known for however, is being another North Shore world-class surfing spot that is home to many competitions throughout the winter months. The close proximity of the waves offshore make this a great spot to watch the surf.

The beach is somewhat protected from the outside surf so there is a decent swimming area right next to the shoreline even when the surf is big. It is also a popular spot for the keikis (kids) to learn how to surf. The only knock on this great beach is the water color is often not that beautiful ocean blue due to runoff from the nearby streams. Nevertheless, it still is a great beach with it's easy parking, grassy areas with shade, showers, restrooms, and large sandy beach area.

North Shore Oahu Beaches |  Haleiwa Beach


  • Lifeguards
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Sandy and reef areas
  • Free parking

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