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This is another one of several Oahu beaches to be named Best Beach by Dr. Beach aka Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman...and many people will tell you this is their favorite...and rightly so.

Lanikai Beach won the honor in 1996...once a beach wins the top spot, it cannot win it again.

Lanikai Beach is just one of those beaches that is so picturesque that you could not draw it up any better. The sand is white and powder fine (but also a pain to wash off especially with NO showers), the water is clear and calm due to the offshore reef, there are two small islands offshore, there is shade from the coconut trees, and there are often outrigger canoes sitting on the beach...how perfect sounding is that?

This is an excellent place to swim, stroll, and kayak like its neighbor Kailua Beach Park just down the road.

There is no parking here so you have to use one of the many public access paths between these million dollar homes...

Note--The parking can be a real pain as you have to park along the road and be sure not to block anyone's driveway AT ALL or you will get a ticket. Your best bet is to go on a weekday. Also, if the feeling of salt on your body drives you crazy like me, just head on over to Kailua Beach Park down the road to rinse off.

Caution--Be careful for Portugese Man-of-War (jellyfish). They look like blue bubbles ranging in size from peas to quarters. You can spot them on the beach if they are present...because there are no lifeguards here, there will be no warning signs posted.

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