Maui Vacation -- May 2009

by Darla
(Colorado Springs, CO)

HI Mark,

Our trip was in a word "Spectacular" !!! We loved everything about Hawaii and totally enjoyed the Kaanapali Beach Hotel!! The food was amazing everywhere we went and the beach was paradise! Our favorite place to eat turned out to be the Hula Grill. They had a Tandoori Style Opah that was amazing along with the bread and spicy chili water - yum!!!!! We checked out the Malasaladas ... again YUM!! And the best breakfast Ever was at the Gazebo (I think we went there 3 times)! Everything you recommended was Excellent. Snorkeling was amazing! I was so close to the turtles I could've touched them! We didn't see any dolphins which was disappointing however we probably saw 6 or 7 whales! Sadly we didn't make it all the way to Hana due to a landslide in the morning that took awhile to clean up and we had a couple people on our bus that had to be back for a wedding rehearsal. The tour guide on that tour was Outstanding!! Her name was Lynn with Valley Isle, and she was the epitome of the Aloha Spirit! Loved Her!! Our tour guide, Jimm, for the Haleakala Sunrise Tour was not nearly as impressive. He was nice enough however he seemed to want to share what he and his children have accomplished (they've been everywhere and done everything) vs. sharing the information about the island. He is from Colorado also and wanted to talk about here a lot which I'm sure wasn't fascinating to the other people on the tour - He was from the Ekahi Tours. He was probably the only negative during our entire stay there and even then it isn't like he ruined anything for us, we just expected a little more from that tour.

We would also like to thank you for the fries and drinks for the Tikki Grill, we enjoyed them. We really did have the most amazing vacation ever and we were already planning our next trip while on the flight home!!

I've attached a few pics out of the 500 or so that we took (lol). Thanks so much for all your help!!!! Mark, without your help I don't think we would have had the first clue as to where to stay or what to do. You were truly an asset to us. Take Care!!

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